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12: Koy McDermott, Leaders Inspire Leaders: How to Turn Your Passion Into Your Business

Check out this podcast if you are a Millennial frustrated with work. If you are tired of working for others, Koy McDermott’s life story and journey may inspire you.

We are pleased to have Koy McDermott, founder of Leaders Inspire Leaders, as our guest on Studiomouth. He is an entrepreneurial leadership coach, striving to help Millennials and others turn their passion into business. He also hosts his own podcast, and we discuss other projects he is working on during the episode. Continue Reading →


3: Lara Loest : Show Notes Made Easy

3: Lara Loest : CEO and President of Show Notes Made Easy

Show Notes Basics

  • What are show notes? A blog summary of a podcast. They give listeners details of what is shared in a podcast.
  • An important marketing tool, it creates evergreen content.
  • Lara Loest’s business, Show Notes Made Easy, offers videos and step by step instructions to write and organize your show notes, maximizing the impact of the show notes and giving you back time that you can use to focus on other aspects of your venture.

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