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40: David Richman, Author, Cycle of Lives

David Richman is the author of Winning in the Middle of the Pack. We discuss his upcoming work in 2017, Cycle of Lives.

David was inspired to use long distance running and cycling events to draw awareness to cancer ever since his sister fought cancer several years ago.

Cycle of Lives is a book David is writing based upon fifteen interview subjects he has spoken to whose lives have been touched by cancer.

In addition, David also cycled over 5,000 miles in the United States to bring awareness and meet some people along the way, including some of the subjects he writes about in Cycle of Lives.

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39: Alanna Rantala, Pianist: Her New Album “Recognize,” and Repetitive Stress

Alanna Rantala is a pianist in the San Francisco Bay Area. She’s a proud parent of two children, a graduate of the University of California at Davis and the New England Conservatory in Boston. She teaches piano to students of all ages.

Alanna discusses her life journey, her new album Recognize, and a life-changing injury early in her musical career. Continue Reading →

14: Tony Ryals, Art of Hope Gallery: How to Overcome Anything and Create a Masterpiece

If you need a reminder of how important it is to live more fully – or if are like me, need a kick in the pants to get off our collective lazy such-and-such – then this is the episode for you.

Tony Ryals was born with Arthrogryposis, which causes joints not to function properly. It affects people in different ways, and in the case of Tony, the joints in his arms, legs, hands, and feet don’t work. Continue Reading →


7: Luke Gartner-Brereton: Vanilla Groove Studios

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If you are hungry to enter the music field, you will want to listen to this podcast.

Today’s Studiomouth podcast guest is Luke Gartner-Brereton. I first met Luke through the purchase of his acoustic guitar Continue Reading →


5: Hannah Portner: Trip to India

Ninth grader changing the world a day at a time.

To Donate for Hannah Portner’s trip to India Click Here

Top Three

  1. Me to We Trips is one great way for youth and adults to visit a different part of the world for a short time and make a difference. Our guest, Hannah Portner, is planning a trip to India. Use this website link to donate. Click Here Continue Reading →

1: David Richman: Winning in the Middle of the Pack

True Success in Business and in Life

  1. Even with tough obstacles – difficult childhood, bad relationships – David Richman discusses how to turn those hardships into something that drives you to a better life.
  2. Instead of looking to change others, focus on changing yourself.
  3. Set a goal and tell the world about it! That cements the goal and keeps you accountable.

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Two Canva Tutorial videos

Check out two videos I have created on using Canva. Canva is making it easier and cheaper to produce great graphic design.

Hope these help!

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