8: Savvy Smith: From SoCal, to Liverpool, to India, to Yoga Instructor

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If you want to experience life traveling the world, have an independent streak, or want to become a Yoga Instructor, join us for this podcast episode. To get some free travel tips on traveling internationally on a budget, sign up for my free email list.

Today’s Studiomouth podcast guest is the dynamic Savannah “Savvy” Smith. Savvy and her husband live in Southern California, where Savvy is a yoga instructor. Her business is called Yoga Savvy. We figuratively go around the world to learn about her childhood, her discovery of yoga, her adventure in moving to Liverpool, her decision to teach yoga, her yoga training in India, and setting up her yoga business.

Savvy Smith acknowledges that she is a free spirit and a traveler. She decided to live on her own at the age of 17, she later moved to Liverpool for a year and a half, and traveled to some other cities in Europe. In Liverpool she spent a lot of time practicing yoga. To receive her Yoga certification, she chose to train in Rishikesh, India.

It’s in Rishikesh, India, near the Himalaya mountains, where Savvy Smith experiences some memorable hardships. For example, monkeys (!), and illness in her final week of yoga training. Despite it all, she makes it through to her certification and returns to Southern California to start her yoga practice.

Thanks for listening!! Harold Rhee

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