35: Dr. Kate Levinson, Emotional Currency: Money Issues

Thanks to Julie Baeder for connecting me with Dr. Kate Levinson.

Dr. Kate Levinson wrote a book that I think is one of the most important books you, your children, your friends, and your family could read. It’s titled Emotional Currency: A Woman’s Guide to Building a Healthy Relationship with Money and it’s not just for women.

As stated on Amazon, “By understanding our intimate history and relationship with money we are better able to handle our money anxieties, solve our money problems, enjoy the money we have, and make room for other, more meaningful values.”

We spend some time with Dr. Kate Levinson as she discusses her work, her life story, and the impact of her work. It’ll make you think about your own relationship with money.

Dr. Kate Levinson is an author, psychotherapist, and co-owner of Pt. Reyes Books with her husband. Steve Costa. She also leads seminars based on her book, Emotional Currency.


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