33: Icebreaker Questions

I ask icebreaker questions before nearly every Studiomouth Podcast interview. I don’t usually include them in the final episode, so wanted to share a select number of responses.

Previous guests featured on our Icebreaker Questions episode

Some of my favorite icebreaker questions

  1. Favorite book you recently read or movie you recently saw
  2. If you could choose anywhere in the world, where would you live
  3. Memorable birthday party held in your honor
  4. Time where you experienced the kindness of strangers, or you helped a stranger
  5. Name a time you disappointed your parents

Table Topics

  • A great place to get icebreaker question ideas is the game Table Topics. Very thought provoking questions. Some versions may have questions that go a little overboard with uncomfortable topics, but overall a great series. Amazon link

Maca Root resources (some call it Peruvian Ginseng)

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