27: Artnell Nolasco and Avery Godfrey: portrait of a student

See the world through the eyes of these two students, Artnell Nolasco and Avery Godfrey, one on the East Coast, the other on the West Coast.

Artnell Nolasco attends School of Cooperative Technical Education (Co-op Tech) in New York City. Artnell Nolasco grew up in the Caribbean nation of Antigua and Barbuda, where the weather is terrific and the beach is almost as nice as New York City’s (kidding).

Other topics we discuss:

  • Vectorization
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • RGB vs CMYK – Red green blue vs Cyan magenta yellow key (key is black)
  • newlab.com in Brooklyn, NY

Avery Godfrey attends high school in Northern California. Avery Godfrey grew up in Utah, where she sometimes participates in demolition derbies.

Other topics we discuss:

  • Self-esteem in high school
  • Photography
  • Horror movies
  • Veganism

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