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6: Lou Tousignant: March Madness

I invite my friend Lou Tousignant to talk about the NCAA Men’s Basketball tournament (“March Madness”), something he has a real passion for.

During our hour-long discussion, I get more than I bargain for, with great stories about his annual trips to Las Vegas, one must-have tip on trip-planning for March Madness, and some personal sharing about relationships and tragedy in Minnesota. Continue Reading →

5: Hannah Portner: Trip to India

Ninth grader changing the world a day at a time.

To Donate for Hannah Portner’s trip to India Click Here

Top Three

  1. Me to We Trips is one great way for youth and adults to visit a different part of the world for a short time and make a difference. Our guest, Hannah Portner, is planning a trip to India. Use this website link to donate. Click Here Continue Reading →

4: Suzy Kisylia: University of San Francisco Wellness Program

Today’s guest on the Studiomouth Podcast, Suzy Kisylia, is the Wellness Program Director for the University of San Francisco. In addition to raising a family, she currently trains for running and cycling events.

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3: Lara Loest : Show Notes Made Easy

3: Lara Loest : CEO and President of Show Notes Made Easy

Show Notes Basics

  • What are show notes? A blog summary of a podcast. They give listeners details of what is shared in a podcast.
  • An important marketing tool, it creates evergreen content.
  • Lara Loest’s business, Show Notes Made Easy, offers videos and step by step instructions to write and organize your show notes, maximizing the impact of the show notes and giving you back time that you can use to focus on other aspects of your venture.

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2: Ho Young Cho: HipOptics

2: Dr. Ho Young Cho : HipOptics

Optometrist and Owner of HipOptics Optometry

Bulletproof Coffee drinker


Top Three

  1. Buy Local when it comes to your vision. Local independent optometrists can offer a much better customer experience.
  2. Travel changes you – Dr. Cho’s discussion of his trips to Kazakhstan are thought-provoking.
  3. Bulletproof Coffee – a delicious introduction to a Ketogenic diet (of course, you should always do more research and consult with a physician)

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1: David Richman: Winning in the Middle of the Pack

True Success in Business and in Life

  1. Even with tough obstacles – difficult childhood, bad relationships – David Richman discusses how to turn those hardships into something that drives you to a better life.
  2. Instead of looking to change others, focus on changing yourself.
  3. Set a goal and tell the world about it! That cements the goal and keeps you accountable.

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