11: Peter Muller, Raptor Aircraft: I Believe I Can Fly and Build My Own Plane

What happens when Peter Muller, a long-time Silicon Valley software engineer, with no prior airplane design experience, attempts to design one? One that will improve and increase size, comfort, and features, as well as reduce cost.

By the way, Peter Muller is working on his airplane on the side, outside of his regular job. Check out our conversation. Thanks for listening!

A 15-minute bonus clip with Peter Muller is on our Soundcloud page: Click here

Peter Muller grew up in Melbourne, Australia and currently resides in the San Francisco Bay Area.


Raptor Aircraft’s website: Click here

Raptor Aircraft’s Facebook page: Click here

AirVenture air show in Oshkosh, Wisconsin: Click here

Barnstormers online aircraft classifieds Click here

Peter Muller mentions some computer languages he has worked with

  • Fortran – Formula Translating System
  • COBOL – Common Business-Oriented Language
  • RPG – Report Program Generator, an IBM programming language
  • Assembly Language
  • Java

You Kids are Lucky, I Walked to School with Punch Cards in My Bag

Yes, long before digital systems small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, or on your lap, there were punch cards. Punch as in hole punch, not the fruit kind.

Some photos from Columbia University in New York:


A Youtube video from the University of Nottingham, prepare for your mind to explode:


Yes, Apple has flopped

The Apple Newton sounds great in this video, good for some laughs and looking at the hip fashions of the late 1980’s:


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